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With 10 years of sales experience and a first class customer services team, Innzone are experts in their field and simply the best in the country at what they do - telemarketing, selling and distributing a product to the convenience sector together with a full customer services team.

Innzone’s primary objective when selling any product or service, is to ensure all parties in the supply chain are always 100% satisfied. Quality control, professionalism, efficiency and most importantly successful sales performance have all been key to Innzone’s success, and have become the foundations on which the company has been built.


Innzone Ltd have a high performance telesales operation that sell and distribute products to the 25,000 independent convenience stores that receive newspapers throughout the UK, in partnership with the two newspaper distributors Menzies Distribution and Smiths News.


Using the telemarketing route to market, one team of 4-5 telesales agents will call and canvass a new product to their 25,000 database of retailers over the course of 8 months. To purchase the product, the retailer can say simply "yes" to accepting the product offer on the call, without needing to part with any payment details. The following day the goods are sent out direct from Innzone's warehouse on next-day courier service and the charge is then added to the customer's weekly newspaper invoice from Menzies Distribution or Smiths News, with a 4 week deferred payment (giving the retailer time to sell the product before he fully pays for it), using their direct billing facility.


Thereafter Innzone receive payment from the news wholesalers for all the 100s of sales made to their independents that week. So the process of sales, distribution and money collection is remarkably easy and efficient - essentially creating one single buying group and payment mechanism for 25,000 independent retailers.


Innzone do not charge any monthly retainers or listing fees to their suppliers/clients. They are a performance based operation who generate profit based purely on results. However if you offer an Innzone sales team a product suitable for convenience stores, with the right commercials and sufficient unique selling points, we will almost guarantee a conversion into 3000 retail outlets.

In 2011 and 2012, Innzone's telemarketing teams combined, processed over 40,000 individual product orders/sales.